Hi, I'm Sasha


I'm a wife of one, momma of two, and crazy lover of sunsets. Seriously, I don't even schedule sessions at anytime BUT sunset! Well, or sunrise, but for some reason no one ever takes me up on that offer. ;-) 

I love adventure and exploring and discovering new places. But mostly I love the little things of life, like the way my daughter's hair blows so freely in the wind, or how my son still grips my hand tightly when meeting someone new. I love their laughter and silliness. The way they set my husband and I up on the couch so they can put on their "shows" for us. We applaud at the end like it was the best broadway we have ever seen. And it really is, because it was her little voice singing with all her heart--his feet moving to the beat of his own drum. Our simple moment together, forever etched into my soul.   

I don't want to just give you a pretty picture to hang on your wall. I want to capture those "simple" moments of deep love. The ones that forever pull on your heart strings, now there for you to look back at for years and years to come. To always remember how she held so tightly to your hand. The way his nose crinkled when he laughed. To never forget the silliness, the never ending energy, the forever uninhibited love.

Anyone can snap a picture. I want to give you real memories to hang on your walls. Tangible reminders of just how beautiful your own broadway musical really is.