Why I Choose Photography

I actually started this photography journey without even thinking about pictures. I had a mom blog, not the latest trends and foods kind, but words of encouragement to other mommas in the trenches of life with littles. After a couple of posts went “viral,” I decided I wanted better photos to go with the writings, and so I learned the in and outs of my little camera and shot my kids like a mad women. Shortly after we moved to Cali and on some crazy whim decided I would start photographing families. I wasn’t very good! I slept little and studied everything I could get my hands on. I’m not naturally talented at this—at all. I don’t have an eye for creative composition or technicals. I draw stick people with my kids and my home would come in very last place at better homes and gardens. 🙈But although I have spent the hours teaching myself the technicals, I didn’t choose photography for fancy crops or angles. I choose it because of that Mom blog. That driving passion to show women how beautiful their life of momma really is. To see the love and passion, the joy and safety their children feel when together. I think we often feel embarrassed to admit how hard it all is sometimes. The stresses and fears, the nonexistent work/play balance, the forever wondering if we’re enough... But we are. She is. And to show her this. To show her that in the middle of the wonderings and wanderings she is doing something right, that is why I still choose photography. Because every mom deserves to have her story seen.