How Does the Photo Make You Feel? | Newport Beach Family Photographer

I have one driving goal every time I pick up my camera. And it’s not to show you what it looked like, but rather, how it felt. You have iphones and dslr's to snap the scene. Selfies and even selfie sticks to get everyone in the family right there in the frame. I don't want you to choose me so that I can grab a pretty picture of bribed smiles and perfect poses. I want your messy beautiful life with kids. I want to capture the way your heart sees your babies, the way it melts right into puddles of that ocean when you see the excitement in their eyes. The joy that fills your soul as they laugh and splash in the waves. Ten and twenty years from now I want you to look back and not just remember how tiny they were, but how much their love filled your life. And in ten and twenty years from now I want those now grown babies to look themselves and see what a beautiful childhood it was.