Newborn Photographer of the Year Award!!! | Orange County Family Photography

Omgeeee you guys!!!!! Out of only 29 images this one was included and put me in Looks Like Film’s best newborn photographers of 2018!!!!!!! I really have no words for how surreal this is! The insane talent in this photography group is top of the top. I scroll through it way too often and simply drool over all the beauty and creativity. And to somehow be a part of it... no words. 🤯 Big thanks to this baby boy for smiling on cue too-I think he knew how much it would mean to me. 😆🙌💃🏼😭

I’m often known as the beach photographer here in Orange County, and I have no complaints there either! But, I also LOVE photographing new babies and their families, both in the comforts of their home or right at the hospital too! Those first weeks with my own “babies",” now 6 and 7, will forever be etched into my soul as the most life changing moments I will ever know. Love that can never be put into words right there in front of you. And those photos that I have from that time, all the way from the big camera to iphone snaps, still bring tears to my eyes when I look at them today. I remember this every time someone invites me into their own new life together. I don’t take it lightly and I try with everything in me to capture those newborn memories I know they will never want to forget.

You can see the full link of newborn cuteness overload here too!

orange county best newborn photographer of the year