My New 15mm Lens: SUPER Wide Angle Love

This year I finally took the plunge and upgraded my former Sigma lens to my all time favorite forever 35L II. My third baby this thing is. So sharp and fast, with colors that make my heart sing. 90% of my work is with the 35mm focal length, and all my latest posts this summer with the Canon version of it. But this post itself isn't about that. ;-) 

With my old Sigma that I traded in with Adorama, I was able to accept one of two offers. The first was for a small amount of cash deposited to my bank account. The second was a larger trade in value. And of course the wisest decision was to trade in for another lens, right? ;-) Hence, my newest 15mm ultra wide angle. This thing takes in the ENTIRE surrounding! It is for sure a creative lens, and a learning curve to say the least. But I am loving playing with it nonetheless, especially at the beach! We made it down to Newport the other night just as the sun was dipping below the horizon and I used my forever test subjects to see what I could create with it. I just love the way it tells such a fun and funky story. I'm still playing with it and seeing all that it can do. But I have a feeling I may be bringing it with me to some future sessions to end the night with. <3