My Biggest Inspiration | Orange County Family Photographer

I’m a firm believer that without inspiration you will burn out fast as a photographer. Yes, there is that pretty finished work you get to deliver at the end. Yes, Newport Beach is kind of my office. ;-) BUT, the race to the finish line isn’t always so colorful. Running a business, no matter how much intertwined with your dream, is hard, and oftentimes overwhelming. Just like anything in life usually is. And so we all must find that something to push us through. Grabbing our inspiration from all different avenues. By far one of the main things that keeps me wanting to go forward are those “small” emails and texts I get after sending a photo gallery. The ones that tell me how much the photos mean to them. Some go into great detail and emotion and I’m not going to lie,I read them over and over again. And then I save them, to read again on my bad days! Side note: if you like your photos, please tell me—my heart needs to know it. ;-)

But even beyond that comes another inspiration for me, my biggest one—or two that is: my babies. Who really are not babies anymore but five and seven. Hello time, please slow down! They are the reason I picked up a camera in the first time, the ones I shot day and night for two years straight. Literally too, as I took on a “365 challenge” which means you really do have to compile one photo from every day of that year! They are the reason I have grown from photos that remain for our families eyes only to ones I am now proud to hang on my walls. Much more than taking their picture though they inspire me simply because they breathe. I’m inspired to support them in reaching all their dreams. To show them they can do anything if they want it enough. I continue to pick up my camera because of them. Hoping that someday they will find a dream of their own, and not stop pursuing until they have fully grabbed hold.