My Top Instagram Photos for 2018 | Newport Beach Family Photographer

I often get asked how people find me here in Newport, and the number one, believe it or not, is Instagram! Those crazy hashtags that everyone makes fun of actually work! You are allowed to use 30 per post and I never leave it at 29! Through that simple symbol # I have had the chance of photographing people from not only all over America, but also the world. Orange County is a popular destination with its beautiful beaches, crazy amazing weather, and of course its number one, Disney Land. And with it I have been so extremely fortunate to not have a “slow” season here, as family vacations happen all throughout the year.

Through Instagram I have not only connected with some amazing families but also other photographers as well. It is good at taking that lone man job, and creating some great connections and much needed encouragement in the photography world. With changed to the algorithm I will admit this form of social media has kicked my behind this year as I’ve tried over and over to get my work seen. But as much as I want to rip my hair out somedays, and as much as it seems like they keep showing my posts to less and less, somehow those hashtags keep doing their thing!

And although I don’t like to base any worth on what pictures do “good” or get the most of those coveted “likes” on there, it’s still fun to take a look at the end of the year and see the top posts. I have learned I definitely post more horizontal than vertical shots, and that would probably be because for whatever reason I always shoot mostly landscape orientation! I’ve also learned that babies and beaches are my thing. Surprise, surprise… although I did sneak in a little desert this year as well. ;-)